Today I had to call an ambulance for my little brother.

Today, I had finals. My mom came along for the ride and waited in the car while I was taking my tests to get some paperwork done. Afterwards we got McDonald’s and headed back to the house.

We were just going to stop in to grab a few things and then head to Walmart for grocery shopping. But, when we pulled in one of my brothers friend comes out wide eyed and pointing back to the house saying “uh.. something just happened” in a panicked voice.

My mom runs into the house and tells me to call the police. I call, tell them the address, and the situation “we have a 17 year old kid here that just passed out unconscious”. As I’m walking into the house taking everything in, I’m in shock.

All his friends are running around, up and down the stairs with ice in their hands, one is on the phone with the police as well. His best friend comes up to me to tell me what happened. “He was walking in from the garage after smoking with us and then he just fell and hit his head, then he started to have a seizure”.. I’m in shock because as he’s saying this I’m looking at my mom frantically trying to get ice under his head and keep him calm. He was on his back, flaying his arms and feet trying to get up but had no motor control to move them, he was also trying to talk but it came out slurred and completely inaudible. He was scared because he kept trying to scream but the only thing that’d come out was an off putting moan like you might here from a mentally underdeveloped person. I look at his jeans… he peed himself.

The police are still on the phone. And I suddenly get snapped back into reality “you can hang up the phone, because I’m talking to them” my new step brother said. I hang up and walk into the room and kneel next to him. He’s freaking out but trying to keep everything under control. Finally he’s able to kind of make sense and form words. “It’s.. fine.. *mumbles* I’m.. fine”. My mom reassuring him “I know buddy everything’s going to be okay promise me this is it, no more smoking okay? This is it, no more of this. This is it.”. He’s still resisting and is embarrassed his friends are there so he keeps tensing his body and putting his arms and feet up a little as if he’s going to trying and stand up but can’t. I put my hand on his head and tell him to “relax, just relax, it’s okay” reassuringly. He does a little bit and calms down. He hugs my mom who is still over him holding ice on his head and panicing. He’s more coherent now and says “I can’t see, I can’t see you”. And starts to work himself up again. My Dad suddenly walks in and says to my brothers four friends standing near the entrance “hey guys how’s it going?”. He walks in and I see on his face he isn’t registering what’s happening. “Dad, something’s going on right now” “you got to…” He says “what do you mean?”.. I point to Colin whose laying on the ground next to me. He looks over to the boys and says “who is that?” confused and concerned. “It’s Colin”. He walks over clearly now realizing what’s happened. I get up now because I hear police cars and the ambulance arriving. I go out to move my car, as does the other boys so the ambulance can be closer to the house.

They check his vitals, his spine, and pupils and quickly load him on the stretcher. My Dad and I get clothes, while everyone else seems to still be in a state of shock. Then we all get in our cars. I go with my Dad, my mom goes in her car, and all his friends pack themselves in a car and we follow the ambulance.

We arrive and we all walk up to the hospital together. We get in, everyone’s still on edge, worried about him. We walk in and sit with him. He’s able to speak now and can talk. They hook him up to an IV and they take blood for testing. Everyone finally can relax.

He’s okay. He’s coherent, tired, with a huge bump on his head but, other than that, from an external perspective he looks and acts like himself. They change him out of his pee soaked pants. And one by one his friends come in. Then all of them come in and go over what just happened.

My brother says all he remembers was hearing himself trying to speak and not be able to, and it just made things scarier. He thought he was stuck like that. He was freaked out because he couldn’t see anything and voices of his friends calling his name kept coming in and out like an echo. “It was like in the movies, I couldn’t see and I just heard your guys voices trailing in and out” “it was freaky”.

His friends eventually left and it was just my dad, Mom and I. He had a little headache, and kept seeing stars, but other than that he was himself again.

I’m relieved. I headed back to the house after giving everyone a hug goodbye. I have a chemistry exam to study for tonight. His tests came back in about an hour ago and thankfully came back saying no brain bleed and no tumor.

There is still concern though. Why does he keep having these seizures? What’s causing them? There’s a potential it could be a heart problem because that sort of thing runs in the family. Maybe blood isn’t pumping fast enough comparatively to other people’s when theyre smoking. Could also be from vaping. You’ve likely heard of it, its all over the news.. “lung collapse disorder” caused by these juuls, and nicotine vape pens. Ones thing for sure though he won’t be smoking for a while now. I know it’s going to be hard because all his buddies do and that’ll be hard on his social life. But, hopefully they’re understanding, and hopefully my brother understands he’s got to take it easy.

Scary day.

Logging off,